The Inspiration Series - original paintings by Igor Babailov are inspired by the magnificence of the masterpiece public monument sculptures and  reliefs, by the masters such as the foremost American figurative sculptor Frederick Hart. They were created in the historically famous Old Masters' Grisaille painting technique, where the artist exercises his unique artistic genius depicting 3D sculpture on a 2 dimensional canvas. The first Artist's Proof Giclée of the original painting - Journey of Hope - was presented to Lindy Hart and is in the collection of the Hart family.  According to the late Frederick Hart’s widow and lifetime partner – the gracious and distinguished, Lindy Hart, "This is a powerful tribute to Rick (Frederick Hart)"

“When I saw the Ex Nihilo for the first time, I was amazed to find out that it was sculpted by a contemporary sculptor, as it is very seldom that we see the skill of this caliber amongst today's sculptors. I was even more amazed to find out that Hart's magnificent works were not included in any major American museum collections, despite the fact that he also sculpted the Three Soldiers - Vietnam Memorial group composition, was chosen by the Vatican to create the Millennium Cross, presented to Pope John Paul II  and he is the recipient of The National Medal of Arts award – presented on his behalf to Lindy Hart in the White House by President George W. Bush. As a realist artist, just like Frederick Hart, respecting and celebrating the beauty of God's creation, I am impassioned and inspired when I see works of art depicting and standing for that beauty. I immediately felt a profound connection to this incredible sculptor and in keeping with the centuries long tradition of painting public sculptures, I had wanted to make my contribution to the visual memory of the great master sculptors in the history of art – such as Frederick Hart - his work, his genius and his great name."  ~ Igor Babailov
The Portrait
In early 2005, Igor Babailov painted the portrait of Frederick Hart, collectively commissioned by the friends, collectors and family of the late sculptor. The artist met with Lindy Hart at the Chesley Estate and visited the Hart Studio to collect the necessary reference materials for the portrait and to get the feel of Frederick Hart's character, personality and his environment. To his surprise, the artist discovered that Frederick Hart was also a huge fan of Russian culture and history, in particular the Royal Romanov family.

Babailov’s renowned reputation as a portraitist of world leaders, including President Vladimir Putin of Russia and other Russian social and political elite led to the unveiling of the portrait of Frederick Hart - From the Hart - at the Russian Embassy in Washington DC along with Frederick Hart's sculpture Daughters of Odessa. This historical event resulted in the placement of Frederick Hart’s sculpture in the Hermitage Museum, in St. Petersburg, Russia, marking the first inclusion of Hart’s work into not just a museum, but the most prestigious museum collection in the world.

"Igor, although you and Rick never had the chance to meet, you are kindred spirits, and your painting brought his spirit to life."                                                         
~ Bob Chase, Chesley, LLC
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"Inspiration" in the Hart Family Collection
   "This is a powerful tribute to Rick  (Frederick Hart)
~ Lindy Hart
The Inspiration
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Collection: Pope John Paul II Cultural Center, Washington, DC
Frederick Hart in the works of Igor Babailov -
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